Located in the heart of the city, on the most elevated floor of MD Place, Akira Back essentially resembles as a beacon, with its radiant web of lights encasing the entire building. Offering a total of 122 seats in its dining area, each seat and table strategically placed to ensure your comfort. With its earthly influence on its architecture and interior design, Akira back invites you to indulge in a one-of-a-kind view of the city’s horizons.

Bar & Lounge


Directly opposite to the dining area, Akira Back’s Bar & Lounge pays homage to the principal building elements; brick and wood. Evidently equipped with a myriad of alcoholic beverages, from champagne to wine, from sake to whiskey, each guest is sure to find the beverage of their choice. Let’s not forget about the unique panoramic view, showcasing the city’s wonders from any angle of the bar, all while enjoying the house DJ on the weekends. Akira Back substantially incorporates the contemporary refinement of modern design to the basic concepts of nature, creating a form of ethereal urbanity.

Private Room


Offering a total of 6 VIP rooms, each with a unique number of seats, the Akira Back VIP rooms are the perfect venue for any occasion, whether it may be an elegant dinner, a corporate gathering or a casual evening. Enveloping each VIP room with the web of glowing lights, guests are able to enjoy their culinary journey all with the view of the city lights.